Overview of art classes:

Art 1-Art 1 is a semester long prerequisite for any other art class.  Students' large projects include work on drawing skills-contour and portrait, clay sculpture, oil pastels, scratchboard, perspective; as well as, smaller projects to include other ways to continue using the elements and principles of art effectively.


Art 2-Art 2 is a semester long class that allows the students to enhance their artistic abilities with more challenging curriculum than in Art 1.  Students' large projects include, but not limited to, pencil drawing sculpture, watercolor, acrylics, charcoal drawing.


Ceramics/Sculpture- Ceramics and Sculpture is a semester class.  This semester consists mostly of working with clay.  Many different hand built methods are explored along with wheel throwing.   Towards the end of he semester, other sculptural assignments will be taught.  Students will be challenged with creating 3-dimensional work.


Drawing/Painting- Drawing and Painting is a year long class.  A wide variety of art mediums, styles and methods are explored while creating their art throughout the year.  The work is mainly 2-dimensional.  Students will be challenged with  improving their looking and drawing skills, creative thinking and gaining an appreciation for different artists and styles.


Graphics/Printmaking- Graphics and Printmaking is a year long class.  Students will be challenged by working in a variety of printmaking methods which include: silkscreen, block printing, etching, embossing, bookmaking, airbrush painting.  Drawing and creative skills are important. 


Photography- Photography is a semester long class.  Students will work mainly with black and white photography in traditional methods.  They will develop film and print photos in the darkrooms.  Emphasis is on learning composition, subject matter, and black and white photography methods.